Fercom Construction LLC prides itself on its in-house multidisciplinary engineering and design capabilities. The ability to create value engineering is a core part of the company’s offering. It has empowered Fercom Construction LLC with a strong competitive advantage while enabling the company to offer its Clients value-based solutions, covering the whole project from design to construction.


Drawing on a track record of +100 years in the field of industrial construction and leveraging the company’s solid foundation of technical capabilities, Fercom Construction LLC excels at executing projects with the Client’s best interests in mind.
The company’s expertise in construction as well as its well-established local presence enables the prompt mobilization of equipment. This coupled with the skills of a highly qualified engineering & construction team allows Fercom Construction LLC to complete every project on time and within budget, while adding value at every level.


When Customer’s project requires to revamp a plant (or a part of it), Fercom Construction LLC is able to take care of the whole revamping process achieving the target of reducing by 75% the intervention time normally required thanks to a specific pre-assembled foundation blocks solution developed by its Engineering department: the FAST TRACK REVAMPING TECHNOLOGY. This combines with an accurate planning of the revamping process, organized in four phases independent from one another but linked by a common synergy:

1) A carefully performed engineering planning
2) Off-site prefabrication blocks
3) On-site controlled demolition
4) On-site construction and assembly works during the plant shut-down

Thanks to this innovative construction technique, it is possible to comply with accurately tight time-schedules, and taking advantages of the plant shut-down periods.


Fercom Construction LLC coordinates and manages complex industrial projects during their whole lifecycle.
Fercom Construction LLC believes that every plant is unique and requires an individual approach. Therefore, the Company provides specific solutions to each and every requirement its Clients may have. No matter it is a technological, budget, timing or organizational matter: thanks to its renowned management skills, Fercom Construction LLC will be able to find out the best solution, always.
Fercom Construction LLC has a staff of competent, professional and highly-skilled Project Managers & Supervisors who are able to comply with the Client’s requirements and with the QHSE performance goals.